Chronic Pain Support Group

Pain Support Group

Arizona Pain is proud to announce its partnership with Lucid Lane to provide weekly support groups via telehealth. This beneficial partnership helps Arizona Pain offer behavioral health services to our patients and aligns with our multimodal approach for pain management.

Starting November 2nd, 2021
Tuesdays from 5:30pm-6:30pm MST

Benefits of joining our support group

The group focuses on psycho-educational support, with topics that span exercise, diet and nutrition, stress management, and support for others in the group. Although the structure of the meetings remains consistent, the group is different each time. Some people can’t make it every week, and new members join weekly.

“The members make connections at the support group meetings, and then they call each other during the week and stay connected,” Lynch observes. “By staying connected and accountable to one another, I have seen people improve quite a bit. There are some members that are highly educated about their condition, and they are invaluable to other members who may not be as experienced with that particular condition. With empowerment and education, I see people suffering through less pain. People join the group because of a problem. But people stay for the relationships they have gained.”

Find other ways to connect

Those feeling depressed should make every effort come to the meetings. Social support from others who are going through a similar experience improves your mood and outlook. Because Lucid Lane strives to keep the group focused on the good, support group meetings are more than just commiseration sessions in which the members do nothing but discuss the bad parts of their condition. Although there are discussions of bad days or hard times, the goal is to really focus on problem-solving and positive changes in thinking.

Still, on those days when pain levels make leaving the house impossible, Arizona Pain has online support options for you. Check in with our online Facebook support group to find encouragement, support, and practical tips for living with chronic pain from the comfort of your own home.

Chronic pain support groups can be the difference between just slogging through each day and getting your life back. For more ways we can help support you in your pain journey, get in touch with Arizona Pain today or schedule a consultation.